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Land Like a Dancer

NYU Langone’s Harkness Center for Dance Injuries (HCDI) performed a study on the biomechanics of jump landing, comparing athletes and dancers to learn more about the incidence of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in both groups. From this study, HCDI has been able to identify training methods that dancers implement early on that can be useful to athletes who experience a higher rate of ACL injuries than dancers.

Here’s a little secret i want to say here on tumblr because i know that no one in my real life will see it:

As much as I say that i don’t want to be in a relationship, i seriously am still a hopeless romantic. I still yearn for the embrace of someone i love that loves me back. I have the urge to romance someone with the little funds i have and just go on adventures and just stare at her as she lives. I want to be at the major and minor moments in her life. I just want to hold her and not do anything else. But alas, I am adamant on staying single.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels/experiences this.

let-me-live-that-fantasie asked:

Hey Justin! I thought I'd throw back to about a year ago when I messaged you for the first time![: Anyways my question is, do you think that God has "the one" for us or do you think He sets a series of "the one"'s in our path and we have the free will to choose who it is? Because He gives us the free will of accepting His love, right? So do we get free will in choosing aspect of our life besides just following Him?

Here’s what I’ve been taught. When God decided that Adam needed a human partner, He didn’t take out Adam’s rib, make multiple partners and say to to him, “okay, date around and pick whoever you like best.” No, God made one specific partner for Adam to which Adam replied, “this is bones of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” God has made a specific person to be in your life forever. And He intends it to be that way. Not saying that it’s anything bad to date around, I’m just saying that God will tell us who it is exactly and will then present them to us at the right time.
(These next two paragraphs will be just extensions on the subject rather than answering the question directly lol)
I have also been taught that we shouldn’t waste our time waiting for “the one” and focus our attention on being “the one” instead. Sometimes we look for so long for the person we designed in our heads that we neglect becoming the person we want to be for our significant others. Yeah, we ready our selves to get into a relationship but out focus must be towards being ready to be in a relationship.
Another is that the most important relationship that we have is our relationship with Jesus. All other earthly relationships will follow through when we are deeply connected and as close as we can be to God. When we chase after Him, we end up getting closer and bumping into someone who is running the same race as us.

Those are my two cents :] hope that it helps

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